Three Saints Day

Today is the day we celebrate Saint Valentine and love. Not much is known about Valentine except that he was martyred for marrying couples during the second century when men in the army were not allowed to marry. A romantic testament considering the holiday is now all about candy and paper hearts.

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Coincidently the feast day for Saint Valentine is also shared by Saints Cyril and Methodius. Cyril and Methodius were Greek missionaries from Thessalonica in the 9th century. The brothers were ministering in Russia and did so well that they were asked by King Radislav of Moravia to teach his people about Christianity. The brothers developed an alphabet in Cyrillic (Russian lettering) which became the first written language of the Czech people. They preached to the people in their native tongue and translated the bible for the common people to read.

The idea of allowing the people to read and hear the gospel in the vernacular was unheard of at the time. Latin was the only language sanctioned by the church. Many people of the church were not happy about the situation and soon the brothers were required to preach in Latin first then translate to Slavic. This idea was brought up again in the 14th century with Jan Huss and became the two factions of the church: Catholic and Protestant.

Cyril and Methodius are very important names to the Czech people. Many of our ancestors would not have had the opportunity for religious freedom or the need for it without these two men. So today when you are thinking of those you love, also remember that Moravia gained its written language and Christianity because of the other two Saints we celebrate today.

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