Some of the Odd Places I Find my Cat

I don’t know what it is about cats and packaging. My cat has plenty of toys to play with, but she is happiest when we open a package and she can get in the box. Unloading groceries is a nightmare with Lena because she wants to get in the bags with the groceries. And wrapping presents is almost impossible.

Not only is Lena obsessed with packaging, but I often find her in the oddest places. The worst was the time she hid in the closet behind the shoe rack while the repair guy was in the house, and I didn’t know she could get back there, so I freaked out and thought our baby ran away. I’ve also found her lying on the middle of the kitchen table when I get home and on a shelf so she could reach the sun. It never fails that she is lying on something we need or somewhere she shouldn’t be.

Here is just a sampling of her favorite spots:

Do your fur babies hide in silly places? I would love to see your favorites below or on the Facebook page!

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