Nebraska Czechs: Chapters, Festivals, and Queens

NECzechslogoWhen I first became a Czech queen, I scoured the internet trying to find information about chapter and event dates. I searched everything I could, but struggled to find the information I needed. I wanted to put together this resource for you, so you don’t have the same problems. I hope it is useful 😉

The Nebraska Czechs

The association for the Czechs of Nebraska was formed on May 11, 1963 after the success of the first Dwight, Wilber, and Omaha Czech festivals. They became known as the Nebraska Czechs Incorporated and encouraged each community to form their own local organizations, which became known as chapters. The following list is the year each chapter joined according to the Nebraska Czechs website:

1963 Dwight
1963 Wilber
1963 Schuyler
1964 Omaha Czech Cultural Club
1964 Komensky Club- UNL
1970 Saunders County
1971 Fremont
1972 Sokol South Omaha
1973 Lincoln
1976 South Central
19xx Butler County
19xx Clarkson
1980 Panhandle
19xx Sokol Omaha
19xx Prague
2002 York

Today, the list of chapters has shortened from 16 to 11, with each chapter annually hosting a festival or event and crowning a queen to compete at the State Pageant. Nebraska is the only state that has chapter contestants that compete at the state pageant. While other states have candidates that can represent a certain area or group, they do not have a unified state organization like the Nebraska Czechs.

Each chapter is unique not only in their location, but also their history, community, and people. Czech people have been a part of the story of Nebraska since it became a state, and the residents stay connected to their community and heritage through their chapters and festivals. Here is a little information about each chapter and when they have their festivals.

Chapters and Festivals

The Nebraska Czechs of Wilber is the oldest, consistently running chapter in Nebraska. The chapter usually includes the surrounding areas of Crete and Clatonia and in 1965 officially became the Czech Capital of the United States.  This means that it is the most well-known Czech community in the States and the host of the Miss Czech-Slovak US Pageant. It is also the location of a wealth of knowledge about the Czech communities via the Dvoracek Memorial Library and Wilber Czech Museum. Wilber has beseda dancers and an alumni band that perform at almost every event, usually held at the Wilber Sokol. There is also a historic hotel in Wilber that has stood since 1895.

Wilber crowns its queen the third Friday in March every year and the Wilber festival and National Pageant is the first weekend in August. This year it is August 5-7.

The Omaha Czech Cultural Club is the second oldest and only remaining Omaha chapter.  The Omaha chapter was known for its Sokol or gymnastics program and was housed in an area called Little Bohemia because of its large Czech population. Omaha is still home to the Bohemian Café, a Czech restaurant serving all the hearty flavors of the homeland.

Until last year, the Omaha festival was located at the Sokol Auditorium. Now the festival and crowning is the third Sunday in April at the Millard Social Hall. This year it falls on April 17th.

The Nebraska Czechs of Lincoln is the third oldest chapter and located in the capital city. Lincoln was home to the Capital City Czech Choraliers, a Czech chorus consisting mostly of Lincoln members, that disbanded in the early 2000s. The Lincoln Czechs work closely with the University’s Czech programs including the Komensky Club, the Czech Language Foundation, and Robitschek Scholars. They also have a strong connection to the Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International and the Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences.

The Lincoln Czechs hold their festival and crowning the first Sunday in May. This year it is May 1st.

The Nebraska Czechs of South Central are located in Hastings, Nebraska and includes the area of Adams County. The South Central Czechs have a grand festival each year with lots of music, kolache, and queen talent.

The South Central Festival and crowning is the first Saturday in June. This year the festival is on June 4th.

The Nebraska Czechs of Butler County are located in David City, Nebraska and includes the towns of Bruno, Abie, Linwood, and Brainard. Dwight is also a city in Butler County, but because they have your own festival and thriving community, they have formed their own chapter. Abie is the home of Abie’s Place, a local bar and restaurant with a counter full of kolache and live polka bands every Friday.

The Butler County Czechs crown their queen the third Sunday in March. They do not have festival, but have many local events.

The Nebraska Czechs of Clarkson were established in the late 1970’s and are home to the Miss Czech-Slovak Nebraska Pageant. The town of Clarkson is home to the Clarkson Czech museum, opera house, and beseda dancers. During festival weekend, the entire town and surrounding areas put on a huge festival filled with music, food, and culture. The pageant is the focus Saturday evening and showcases all of the Nebraska Czech Queens. On Sunday there is a polka mass at the Catholic Church and parade that winds through most of the town.

The Clarkson Czechs crown their queen the last Thursday in February. The Clarkson Czech Festival is the third weekend in June. This year the festival will be on June 24-26.

The Nebraska Czechs of the Panhandle are located in Sidney, Nebraska and includes the western most part of our state. The panhandle include Alliance, Chadron, Kimbal, and Scottsbluff.

The Panhandle Czechs hold their festival and crowning the last Saturday in September at the Lodgepole Community Center in Lodgepole, Nebraska.

The Nebraska Czechs of Prague are located in Saunders County in the Bohemian Alps of Nebraska and were formed in the late 80’s- early 90’s. Prague is named after the capital of the Czech Republic and is home to the Worlds Largest Kolache. The town bar and restaurant, Kolache Korner is known for its great Czech food and has always been family owned.

The Prague Czechs have their festival the third Saturday in September. This year their festival is on September 25th.

The Nebraska Czechs of York is the newest chapter to join, almost 40 years after the formation of the Nebraska Czechs Incorporated. Despite being the youngest chapter, the York Czechs work hard to keep the Czech heritage going in York. They have brought giant Czech puppets from the Czech Republic, featured an exhibit on “The Assassination of Nazi General Heydrich,” held many events for children at the York Library, and hosted the Consul General Lizec this last October.

The York Czechs usually crown their queen the third Thursday of March. Their festival is located at the York Convention Center the third Sunday in October. This year it will be held on October 16th.

The Komensky Club took a hiatus and rejoined the Nebraska Czechs Incorporated in 2013. The club was established in 1904, making it technically the oldest chapter, though not of the Nebraska Czechs. The club is named after Jan Amos Komensky, a Czech philosopher and bishop, who is the father of modern education. The Komensky Club works in cooperation with the Czech language department at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.

The Komensky Club doesn’t hold a festival, but a series of events in March that is called Czech March. The final one is March 30th with a lecture on Czech history.

The Nebraska Czechs of Dwight were technically the first chapter back in 1963. After a break, the Dwight Czechs were reinstated in 2016. Though they are one of the smallest communities at 250 people, they still have a large festival and have beseda dancing with the Dwight Czech Dancers.

The Dwight Czechs have their festival and crown their royalty the last full weekend in July. This year it is held on July 30-31st.


If you are a queen and are looking for more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I will be posting a 2016 events list soon and continuing to post about my experiences and stuff you need to know as a queen.

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