Welcome! It has been forever since I last saw you!

facebookcoverAs you may have noticed, the blog has a new name and a new look! Since the last time I posted, I have planned my wedding, got a new job, got married, and spent the holidays with my new hubby. I feel that because it has been awhile, not only does the site need to look different, but I also need to refocus the content. So here is my vision for this blog:

  1. Write more personal and in-depth posts, so that you can get to know me a little better. I hope to tell you more about my experiences and how I got to where I am. In the meantime, please Czech out my new About Me page.
  2. Focus less on Czech holidays and more on Czech identity and the Czech communities in the US. Many of my previous posts have been about upcoming holidays to inform you of Czech culture and traditions. While I believe those things are important and I do have some good stories to tell, you can get that information in a myriad of places. I want to tell you about the Czech communities, festivals, Czech Queen Pageants, studying abroad in the Czech Republic, researching your genealogy and so much more!
  3. Move to self-hosting this site and learning the ins and outs of blogging to better serve you! There is so much I have to learn about blogging. It is so much more than writing posts and basic design.
  4. A weekly post on Fridays. What do you want to hear about? Upcoming events? Updates on my learning process? Quotes from famous Czechs? Something else? Let me know your thoughts on my facebook page!

About MyCzechList

Hi! I'm Danielle! I'm here to help you connect with your heritage and learn about all things Czech!

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  2. Amber C. Nore

    The new logo is really pretty!

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