masaryk“Masaryk is constantly thinking ahead: what tomorrow will bring, what things will be like ten years from now, a century or two from now. Everything we do moves history forward; we are pacing the way for the future. We must therefore ask ourselves not only what history is but also where it is leading.”
-From Talks with T. G. Masaryk

T. G. Masaryk inspired a nation of people to fight for their rights as humans and look forward to a better world and a better life. Masaryk inspires me everyday as I look deeper into my Czech heritage and strive to learn about the world in which my ancestors were born and lived. I also struggle everyday to connect with the present Czech culture and hope to share my experiences and knowledge with you, the reader.  I implore to search deeper in myself to reveal the true nature of what I believe is CzechLove.

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Hi! I'm Danielle! I'm here to help you connect with your heritage and learn about all things Czech!

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