Lena and the Sun


When it is sunny out there are two modes Lena could be in: slain by the sun and napping or crazy ninja cat. There will be just a sliver of light coming in through the blinds and the Lena will be down for the count. Unless, of course, she is hiding behind things, jumping out and attacking you when you walk by, or trying to sneak up and surprise you. At that point she will promptly scurry off to plot her next ninja job.

Obviously, since she is a cat, the sun is a vital aspect of her day. Most of the time you will find her on the floor in front of the window or on the bed soaking up the vitamin D. I have found that she will try to fit into places too small for her in order to reach the sun or to knock things our of her way to achieve that goal.

Lena is often waiting by the porch door when it’s nice asking to go out. She then will investigate the current climate and porch situation. This may include being tortured by the birds who laugh at her from a safe distance or laying over the side of the porch through the slats to see what’s going on below. It’s entertaining when I go downstairs and Lena is on the porch. If I call up to her she will talk to me in her cute little cat voice. I can only imagine what she is telling me, maybe to come back up stairs, or to remind me to get the cat food she likes while I’m out, or she’s just telling me off… I don’t know.

Finally, in that rare moment where she isn’t sleeping when it is sunny, you better be ready! I never know what sort of shenanigans she has gotten into when the sun is out… Unfortunately, I did not get proper documentation of these moments here, probably because I was fleeing for my life. Beware of the ninja kitten!

Does this happen with your fur baby? Let me know below or on facebook!

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