Last Minute Tips to Help Prepare for the Pageant

With just a couple weeks until the Miss Nebraska Czech-Slovak Pageant, I thought I would share some last minute tips on how to prepare for the pageant:

  1. Don’t forget about gifts for your fellow queens, including outgoing queen. This gift does not need to break the bank. It can be a small gift like a bracelet or mug, or a memento that means something to you that you want to share, or even something handmade. The idea is to give something small that will help the other girls get to know you.
  2. Bring a pillow and blanket. There will be air mattresses, but you might consider bringing other options for a better sleep. My first year, I started on the air mattress with a sheet set and pillow and woke up cold and sore on the floor because I got the unfortunate mattress with the hole in it. You are going to be exhausted from the long day, stress, excitement, and sun, and good sleep is imperative to your sanity on Sunday. Plan for comfort, but don’t be too crazy. There is limited space.
  3. Wear comfortable clothes to rehearse in on Saturday morning and change into kroje for private interviews. It will be hot and you will be in kroje for most of the weekend. Allow yourself to be comfortable for the meeting and on stage practice (unless costume is a part of your talent then definitely practice with it). You will have plenty of time to change after.
  4. Make sure your talent is memorized. For me, talent was the most nerve-wracking part of the pageant. I was extremely nervous and was so scared of messing up. If your talent is memorized so well that you no longer need to think about what you are doing, you will be much less stressed. You will still be nervous, but once you are memorized then your body will be able to still perform, even if your mind is running on overdrive. Also, if you don’t have to use words, then don’t use them. If you want to bring them for the morning practice for security that is fine, but not for the pageant.
  5. Study the practice questions as much as you possibly can. I know you only have them for two weeks, but put the questions on flash cards. Add the answers to fact questions on the back and bullet point ideas for opinion questions. Then, have others quiz you!
  6. Practice introducing your parents. You will be asked to introduce yourself and who your parents are on stage. It’s simple: β€œmy name is Danielle (Patzel) and I represent the York chapter. My parents are Steve and Theresa Patzel.” Practice a few times just to be comfortable and make sure your parents are prepared for their time in the spot light πŸ˜‰
  7. Practice talking about the two facts you were asked on the application. For part of the on-stage interview, you will be asked about the two facts you listed on your application. The Emcee will ask you an open ended question like: β€œ I read on your application that you’re really interested in cats. Can you tell me more about that?” Then, you just need to be able to tell the emcee, judges, and audience about that fact. Be concise. Know 2 or 3 specific points about that cool thing you do and say them. You will sound much more informed and intelligent if you don’t talk around the question, talk too long, or say ums.
  8. Have some talking points prepared. People will stop you constantly the whole weekend. The relationship you build with the Czech community starting this weekend will begin to form how you will be seen. Be prepared to be an ambassador for the Czech community as a queen from the moment you get into town. You are always being watched.
  9. Do a mock private interview with your chapter or friends and family. Ask your chapter if they would be willing to do a mock interview with you. They should have a good idea what sorts of questions the judges will ask. You will get the best possible practice this way because the situation will be similar. This will help you be better prepared and build your relationship with your chapter. If that isn’t possible, ask your friends and family to ask you questions from the study guide and your application.
  10. Czech out the sites in Clarkson. Don’t miss the two story museum, exhibit at the library, or polka band at the opera house. Go to the opera house basement to buy goods and baked items, get fresh kolache, and bid on the auction items. These are experiences that are unique to Clarkson. Remember that even though you will be busy with all things pageant, everyone else is there for a Czech festival. And you should enjoy yourself πŸ™‚


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