How I Rescued my Kitten from a Czech Festival

photoLast week I posted that I was going to start a weekly post on Fridays. My husband suggested that I tell the story of our cat, Lenka, and how I rescued her.

The picture of the adorable kitten is Lena (one of the many variations of her name). I didn’t get her from a shelter or off the streets, but from a Czech festival.


The day I brought Lena home

The second weekend in June is the Miss Nebraska Czech-Slovak Pageant. In 2013, I had completed my reign and was handing off my crown. The weekend went as planned, except I cried during the farewell speech… Oops! I even had a visitor where I stayed; the tiniest black and white kitten.

She followed me around all weekend like a lost puppy. Whenever I was at the house she was there, waiting to be held and snuggled. She was about four weeks old, with no mother in sight, and tar covered her fur. I was told she probably came from the neighbor’s house, but I had not seen her fed or given water the three days we were there.

imageOn Sunday evening, as we were packing to leave, the kitten appeared again from her hiding place under the neighbor’s car. She was so little, and wanting love and affection that I couldn’t help myself. I scooped her up and drove away.

She is a part of our crazy family, and I’m still glad I rescued her that hot, summer day.

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