Fráze-                                         Phrases

ahoj, čao-                                     hello

dobrý den-                                   good day

na shledanou-                             until we meet again/ goodbye

prosím-                                        please

děkuju, diky-                              thank you

promínte-                                   excuse me

z opakujete to prosím?-          can you repeat that please?

mluvite anglicky?-                   do you speak english?

kde je ____?-                           where is _____?

kolik to stojí?-                           how much is that?

kolik je hodín?-                       what time is it?/ what is the hour?

jednou pivo prosím-               one beer please

na zdraví-                                 cheers/to life

rád/a bych ____-                   I would like ____

muzu si dát ____-                 can you give me ____

potřebuji pomoc-                    I need help

můžete mi pomoci?-              can you help me?

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