Czech Alphabet

Česká Abeceda-      Czech Alphabet with pronunciation and IPA

‘ = dlouhé (lengthen)

v= háček

a          ah                    [a]

á          āh                    [ā]

b          beh                 [b]

c          tseh                 [ts]


d          deh                 [d]

d’         dee-eh            [diε]

e          eh                    [ε]

é          ēh                    [ē]

ě          ee-eh              [iε]

f           ef                     [f]

g          geh                  [g]

h          ha                    [h]

ch                                [χ]

i           ee                    [i]

í           ēe                    [ī]

j           yeh                  [j]

k           keh                 [k]

l           el                     [l ]

m         em                   [m]

n          en                    [n]

ň          enyeh             [εnε]

o          oh                    [σ]

ó          ōh                    [ō]

p          peh                  [p]

q          kveh              [kve]

r          er                     [r]

ř          erdj                 [rdz]

s          es                    [s]

š          esh

t           teh                   [t]

t’          tee-eh             [Θ]

u          oo                    [u]

ú          ōo                    [ū]

ů          ōo                    [ū] used in special letter formation

v          veh                  [v]

w         veh                  [v]

x          iks                 [iks]

y          ee                    [i]

ý          ēe                    [ī]

z          zeh                  [z]

ž          zeh                  [z]

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