Why I Embrace the Bullet Journal Method


I came across the idea for a bullet journal from a Pinterest image. I loved the colorful and artsy look of the notebook image and clicked the link. It took me to the Boho Berry Blog where I fell it love! I became obsessed with seeing the different layouts and started searching to find more and came across the bullet journal website, which was invented by Ryder Carroll. The idea was intriguing to me because I am obsessed with making lists, but terrible at trying to keep a journal.

The idea behind the bullet journal is that you make a daily task list using bullets in a single notebook. You can chose to include things on your calendar such as holidays and work schedules, weather, quotes, or anything really that inspires you to be more organized and keep a consistent log of you life. Many people will use the bullet journal for daily and long term goal setting, as well as a way to track progress. The bullet journal can also be used for note taking and as a single place to keep all your ideas and thoughts.


Sample spread + What my journal looks like

Before I tended to make many lists and have all kinds of little papers strewn throughout the house and my purse, and could never find what I needed. This journal changed that. It’s saved me paper and time and helps me from being overwhelmed and distracted by technology. There is just so much information out there that open tabs, bookmarking, and saving articles just pile up. I much prefer to flip through my journal to refresh my memory and find what I need, than search my computer or iPad.

And the benefits of physically writing are numerous. According to an article on mentalfloss.com manually taking notes results in greater information retention and develops your skills as a writer. Huffington Post also notes that using pen and paper slows you down, allowing for more focus and mindfulness, as well as increased creativity. Even though these aren’t scientific studies, I find that this is all true for me and I feel good about spending a few minutes each planning for tomorrow and reflecting on the day.

I could never keep a consistent journal or diary before now. There is something about being able to jot down my day and not feeling obligated to narrate for my future self. I love that I can be organized by putting everything in the guise of a list, that I can color-code and doodle, and that I am consistent. By using the journal I not only keep better track of my tasks, but I can see trends that keep me on track and help me plan for the next week or month. Until recently, I didn’t have a clear idea of my goals for life or this blog, and now I am motivated, making progress, and staying focused.

Have you used the bullet journal method? I would love to see pictures! Leave me a message below or on facebook!

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